Beginners Guide to Spanking

Beginners Guide to Spanking

Spanking may look scary and overwhelming at first but if you give it a chance you may surprise yourself, even if you have a low pain tolerance. Interested? If so, this Beginners Guide to Spanking will help you get started in the right direction to the exciting life of spanking pleasure.


Why Would You Want to be Spanked?


Erotic spanking increases the endorphin’s within your body. It can be enjoyed during intercourse, role playing or a punishment in your BDSM scenario. Spanking can be used to compliment pleasurable sensations and can often give you the extra push you may need to orgasm. It is an easy way to experiment for your first time of BDSM play. Aside from the satisfying feelings spanking brings, everyone has their preference. Some like to dominate while others like to be dominated, or you may like to switch roles by taking turns on top and bottom. Regardless of your preference, either way adds extra fireworks in the bedroom or any room you choose.


Before the spanking begins, find a position for the spankee to be comfortable in. Lay down on your stomach or on all-fours against the bed. The spanker stands to the side or sits on the bed (like you would in a chair) while the spankee lays across his or her legs exposing that magnificent bullseye.


For first time spankers, the best way to start is to use your hands. Most importantly, be sure to remove jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Open your hand with fingers together and spank lightly in an upward motion, your strikes should be focused on the lower part of the cheek and upper thigh. Follow with a light and gentle caress of the now sensitive skin on the slapped area. Make sure the skin is properly cared for after a spanking by using a cool moisturizer such as Aloe Vera gel or an after-spanking cream product.


Once you become more comfortable with spanking, slowly try adding more force, doing it harder and more frequently. Vary the pressure and placement of slaps to tease and surprise the spankee, changing the frequency and areas of pleasure.


It is good to choose a safe word and to stop the spanking instantly if used. It is important to have a safe word to keep the trust between both the spanker and spankee.


Feeling a little more adventurous now? Want to spank with something other than your hand? There are lots of tools and toys to choose from.


What Can We Spank With?

Your Hand

As we thoroughly covered above, the hand is a classic spanking tool. Passed down through the generations, allowing for the best control over the intensity of your blows and adds increased intimacy with the skin to skin contact.


The humble paddle is widely available in a number of materials like wood, metal or leather, plain or with jewels. It offers a more assertive slap then the hand and offers a variety of different sensations.


The slender tip found on whips offers a much more intense sensation than a spanking paddle. Paddles are more a thud feeling while whips provide a stinging sensation. They are also great directional tools for gesturing, enhancing a dominant persona.


A flogger is essentially a whip with many tails which can be used almost anywhere on the body but particularly on the back, bottom or thighs. Floggers are most popularly made from vinyl, suede or leather but can also be made from a large variety of other materials. It is best to start with soft materials and work your way to a harder, a heavier medium. Pick your preference or enjoy the variety.

So why do we spank... Why not?


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