Steel Duo Cock Ring - Luxurious Bliss

Steel Duo Cock Ring

Luxurious Bliss


  • Cock rings are used to help gain and obtain a longer, harder erection. Helping to enhance sensations for longer, harder, thicker and stronger play. Use cock rings for masturbation or with a partner to delay orgasms and to maintain erections. Place the larger steel ring around the penis and testicles and insert the penis into the smaller steel ring. Use lubricant if desired.
  • Size: 1.5” and 2” Diameter Rings
    Material: Leather and Welded Nickel Plated Rings
    Made in Canada
  • Do not wear for more than 30 minutes. In case of pain or excessive swelling, discontinue use. Novelty use only. Manufacturer will assume no liability for injury occurring from use of this product.


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