Penis Plugs: Different Types and Uses

Different Types of Penis Plugs

While one of the best ways to experience a satisfying penile stimulation, urethral play remains a topic shrouded with confusion and misunderstanding. With this, the first thing every enthusiast and curious layperson should learn about the topic are the types of penis plugs and urethral dilators available for their use.  


Penis Plugs vs. Urethral Sounds 

Although used interchangeably, penis plugs and urethral sounds differ in general form and the sensations they bring. Both, however, fall under the urethral toy category. 


Your penis plugs are typically shorter, making them perfect for beginners. They may also come in their conventionally smooth surface or in different textures, shapes, and materials. Your urethral sounds, on the other hand, are designed after real medical instruments; hence, why they are made longer for deeper urethral penetration.         



Most people are baffled when presented and suggested with the idea of penis plugs. Contrary to popular belief, penis plugs are not just ancient penis jewelry artifacts, they provide their users the following:


  • Internal Stimulation: While fellatio serves as a popular method of stimulation, penis plugs offer unbeatable internal stimulation.
  • New Sensation: Another reason for the use of penis plugs is the fresh sensation it renders its user. While challenging at first, it offers a curious blend of pleasure and discomfort.
  • Increased Sensitivity: Because it hits your nerve endings upon penetration, your senses are effectively heightened.
  • More Powerful Orgasm: Ultimately, the stimulation and increased sensitivity culminates to a mind-blowing climax.



While penis plugs are not for everyone, curious individuals are welcome to try and experience sensational penile stimulation with their accommodating sizes and features. Just a word of caution: do not skip directly to toys for seasoned users when starting. Let your body ease into the sensation for a safe and fun solo or couple play.  


Solid Plugs

Stainless Steel Jeweled Urethral Sounds DilatorPerfect for newbies, a solid plug is typically the simplest in form with its smooth surface and short body. It, however, does not sport a central hole found in most other penis plugs which makes it perfect for prolonging your ejaculation or acting as a sperm stopper.


Tapered Plugs

Tapered Penis PlugAnother choice for beginners is tapered plugs. These plugs are straightforward and easy to use thanks to their generally small circumference that gradually expands to help users ease into the sensation. These plugs may come with central holes for easier ejaculation and fluid expel. 

For a better understanding of a tapered plug and its benefits, see our Smooth Tapered Urethral Penis Plug, a quality penis plug made from surgical stainless steel with through hole.    


Plugs with Through-hole

Ribbed Urethral Penis PlugA common option with penis plugs nowadays are those that allow fluid expel and ejaculation. These plugs are made for lengthy wear without having to remove the plug. There are several penis plug materials available in the market, but the best of this kind is made from stainless steel which supports not just the typical sensations of your plug, but a kinky mix in the fun - temperature play.    


Textured, Ribbed, or Ridged Plugs

Stainless Steel Exciter Urethral Sounds DilatorFor the daring and more experienced users, you may opt for textured dilators. Their normally beaded physique - either spaced or in successions - are designed for those wishing to move on from the typical smooth-surfaced plugs.

If you are thinking of getting one yourself, start with the most basic and the safest. Our line of plugs features the Stainless Steel Exciter Urethral Sounds Dilator, a perfect option for those new to textured plugs.       


Plugs with Glans Ring

Smooth Tapered Urethral Penis Plug with Glans RingFor those craving for more sensations, harder erections, and ultimately, the best penile stimulation, you may opt for plugs with glans rings. The glans ring offers extra grip to the users' manhood, helping him maintain longer and harder erections and achieve powerful orgasms.     

Skeptical? Try our Smooth Tapered Urethral Penis Plug with Glans Ring a perfect starting plug stimulator that also features a glans ring. 


Urethral Sounds

Stainless Steel Hegar 8 inch Urethral Sounds Dilator SetUrethral sounds are designed after real medical instruments; hence, why they are made longer for deeper urethral penetration. They often come in full kits of various sizes so you can start small and work your way up.


General Instruction for Use


1. Choose a quality, body-safe penis plug. Every urethral play encounter should both be fun and safe. Ensure raunchy experience and couple your penis plug with a lubricant. Here is a guide to teach you How to Choose Your Lube.

2. Before use, carefully inspect your plug. Although a rare occurrence, your penis plugs may have some deformities or quality control error which may pose serious hazards. To avoid this, make sure to purchase a quality plug.

3. Sanitize your penis plug before and after use. A rule of thumb when using sexual novelties for internal stimulation is to keep them regularly cleaned. This will help you avoid potential health risks and passing or contracting them. For thorough know-how in cleaning your sex toys, you may check our Ultimate Cleaning Guide. 

4. Insert your plug while flaccid. Make sure to insert your plug while you are soft and relaxed. Lubricate generously and use one hand to slowly insert the plug and the other to hold your manhood. Never force the plugin; stop when you encounter resistance and continue when you have relaxed once again.

5. After successful insertion, you will start feeling an odd sensation followed by the tantalizing arousal. It will take some moments before your urethra adjusts to the dilation and build an erection. When it does, you may feel like stimulating yourself; do so gently.

6. After use, gently remove the plug. If it clings on to your manhood, make sure to wait until it is soft to pull out. Afterward, make sure to urinate to expel bacteria trapped in your urethra. You will feel light pain which could last a couple of hours or days. To avoid this, be gentle with your insertion and use lubrications generously.


CAUTION: Do Not use a plug when taking numbing medications or drugs causing drowsiness.


Intimidating as they may seem, your penis plugs truly offer as advertised. If you ever decide to try one for yourself, remember that choice of plug and quality will matter greatly, so only purchase higher quality plugs.


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