Single Tail Leather Whip – Black

Single Tail Leather Whip – Black

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Detailed and durable, our BDSM Single Tail Whip promises a fetish spanking apparel that meets aesthetic and functional expectations and beyond. Our braided whip is a top whipping choice for masters and slaves with its considerable reach at 3 feet and quality leather material that produces crisp whipping sounds with every swing. This leather flogger will definitely live up to expectations and beyond, offering many years of pleasurable use.

Its flattened-tip and single tail provide an offbeat blend of gentle caress and erotic pain for the perfect mental and physical stimulation. This ergonomic whip promises to fulfill your discipline roleplays with its sensual stings brought by its tantalizing black leather material. Especially known for its grip, the handle is inserted with metal rods for the perfect balance with every swing. Couple this with our leather cuffs, crops, and collars for an authentic bondage experience for BDSM enthusiasts and beginners alike.

This Single Whip is a great addition to your toolkit, so make sure it lasts to its full potential and use warm leather cleaners and conditioners when cleaning and air dry in a warm location. You simply can't beat the quality of this whip with its outstanding grip and amazing feel! Make room in your BDSM treasure chest and spice up your play with our Single Tail Whip; a bedroom luxury you can't miss.

  • WOVEN MATERIAL for a braided finish made for style and functionality  
  • QUALITY MATERIAL, made from genuine leather 
  • EASY TO USE with its sizeable handle and lengthy leather strand
  • DURABLE, made to endure forceful swings  
Single Tail Length: 3 Feet
Material: Leather
Colour: Black

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