Ultimate Guide: How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Guide on How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Hygiene is everyone's best friend especially when it comes to sexual activities. And while personal hygiene is of utmost importance, your sex toys - anal plugs, dildos, vibrators, cock rings, even leather gears - should not be left disregarded. Cleaning methods will greatly vary depending on your toys’ materials, and today we will be your helping hand in getting your kinky friends clean and ready to be played with.


Why Clean Your Toys Regularly?

Keeping your toys clean doesn’t just guarantee safe play, it also strips away the worry of potentially contracting diseases. Apart from this, it also provides you the time to inspect your toys for chips and cracks for glass and metal variants and fur clings from your pet for silicone products.    


And because we value your safety as much as your sexual satisfaction, we at Luxurious Bliss normally highlight short cleaning guides in our product descriptions to keep you reminded.  



Generally, your sex toys can be categorized as Porous and Non-porous. Porous materials, as the term suggests, are permeable which means they can trap bacteria and dirt which can pose potential health risks and hazards. Non-porous toys, on the other hand, resist dirt and bacteria collection thanks to their poreless or extremely small pore materials. Silicone, Glass, and metal toys are best, as they fall into the small pore category.


Cleaning Guide

To help you get started, we have divided the cleaning instructions according to the most popular materials sold in the market.



Leather is a top choice for sex toys and gears thanks to its generally sturdy built. It is used to manufacture floggers, crops, collars, and cuffs. Although the most durable option in the market, leather is still porous; hence, why regular or periodic cleaning - depending on the type of product and use - should be observed.

Avoid contact with bodily fluids on your leather toys as much as possible, they are not easy to clean. If needed us a leather cleaner, lightly rinse with a damp cloth and dry off your leather toys and finish with leather conditioning to prevent drying and cracking.     

You may also use saddle soap which is both a leather conditioner and cleaner. Clean off your gear with a damp cloth, making sure to wipe down. After, use another unused, damp cloth to lather the saddle soap and clean in small circular motions. After it has dried, you may use a soft cloth to buff the leather.

Another cleaning and conditioning agent is mink oil. This is normally used in cosmetic products but has fantastic cleaning and conditioning effects to leather thanks to the fatty layer found under mink skin that adds waterproofness to the product while leaving it soft and supple for use.  



Metal is another popular choice for toy enthusiasts, and thanks to its solid, hard, and non-porous material, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water or through boiling. When opting for the latter, make sure to place a dish towel in between the pot and your metal toy as this could cause surface damage. After securing this, begin sterilizing and remember not to touch it right after as metal easily conducts heat.

Keep in mind to get your metal toys from quality providers. You can check out our metal anal toys, cock rings, and Ben Wa balls and be guaranteed only the best products for your play.   



While silicone is a safe choice and is generally considered as non-porous, they may be prone to odor clings with their micropores. If you are using non-motorized silicone dildo vibrators and anal plugs, you can choose to boil them. You may also sanitize using alcohol wipe down or 10% bleach solution. These also clean well using simple soap and water on a regular basis, before and after each use.  

Before cleaning your toys, make sure to check its packaging for the user’s guide. While these are general cleaning tips, some manufacturer’s may prohibit some of the methods.



For general cleaning, you can use a damp cloth and mild soap or a 10% bleach rinse to clean your glass toys. Typically, most of your glass bedroom novelties are safe to boil for 8-10 minutes or run through the dishwasher without soap. Again, check for the user’s guide to know which methods to use.   


Other Toy Materials

Adult toys made of other materials are not generally encouraged for use at all. They are often extremely porous and no matter how well you clean them, they still hold bacteria.


Take Away

Whether you are using your toys for personal or couple play, make sure to clean them properly and as necessitated. Disinfect while sharing or use condoms to avoid health concerns. Most importantly, make sure to get your toys from brands who advertise their products as they are. Here at Luxurious Bliss, we give you only top-shelf products for lasting comfort and fun without the health hazards.  

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