Purple Suede Flogger Review by Subsmissives

 Purple Suede Flogger Review by Subsmissives

Here is a snippet from Subsmissives' Blog, reviewing our Purple Suede Flogger:


"...the weight of the purple suede flogger is just perfect, you need to put very little effort in and just let the weight of the flogger create an impact. Feel the gentle thud as the fronds strike your skin, and the light tickle as they retract. Yes, this flogger is just perfect for waking the skin up. "

To read more see the rest of Subsmissives’ Review at Subsmissives.com.

The Purple Suede Flogger was sent to Subsmissives.com in exchange for an honest unbiased review. The above review and photo are the property of Subsmissives.com and have in no way been altered.

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