Choosing the Right Flogger for You

Choosing the right flogger for you can be an overwhelming process. There is a wide range of options out there but you need to choose the flogger that is right for you and your desires. Are you looking for high impact or a messaging thud sensation? Here are few key flogger aspects to consider before making your purchase.


This is the first thing to consider when buying a flogger. Floggers can easily range from $20 into the hundreds. Once you have determined your price range this will help eliminate a large portion of the market.

Choosing the color that is more aesthetically pleasing to you or sets the mood you want is just as important as any other factor. Colors play a big part in people's perceptions so pick your color wisely.

Different materials cause different sensations. Leather can range from a soft supple feel to a stiff rougher feel. Heavier materials provide more of a massage sensation which are usually made from suede or leather. Lighter materials such as vinyl or floggers that have woven or braided tails will have more sting on impact.

The length of the flogger is very important as it will determine how much control you will have over your swing. The longer the flogger the less control and the more it will start to act like a whip. The flogger you choose should be no longer than arm's length. If this is your first flogger it is best to start with a flogger that has falls the length of your forearm.

The Falls (the tail strands)
The width and quantity of the falls should be considered. The wider the falls the more will be felt on impact as there is more surface area they can come into contact with. It is also easier to control when the falls are wide as they tend to stay grouped better. The number of falls should also be considered, the more falls, the more weight causing more of a thud sensation.

The handle is a personal preference. You want something that feels comfortable in you hands. If you do not feel comfortable with the handle then you will have a harder time mastering your tool. Some handles are designed with weights inside to counter-balance the weight of the falls. It is often easier and more comfortable to swing the flogger when it is properly balanced.

You should take all these factors into consideration when purchasing your next flogger. Are you looking for a messaging thud sensation or an exhilarating sting? Once you narrow this down and find the flogger that meets your needs you will be ready with the perfect tool for your desires.

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