1 Ring Collar Review by A Couple of Kinks

A Couple of Kinks 1 Ring Collar Review

Here is a snippet from A Couple of Kinks' Blog, reviewing our 1 Ring Slave Collar:


"Aesthetically, I find that it fits my neck well. I have a long neck and I find that the 1.25 inch width doesn’t alter how long my neck looks, which is ideal. I do wish that the O-ring was a bit more subtle, but I understand that it is that size for functional reasons. You could never go to a party and have someone mistake this for something other than a sex-related collar. "

To read more see the rest of A Couple of Kinks’ Review at acoupleofkinks.com.

The 1 Ring Slave Collar was sent to acoupleofkinks.com in exchange for an honest unbiased review. The above review and photo are the property of acoupleofkinks.com and have in no way been altered.

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