Trigger Snap Connector

Trigger Snap Connector

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Sturdy, convenient, and incredibly functional, our double-ended bondage Trigger Snap Connectors promises to keep your sub restrained and connected securely as you play out your BDSM fantasies. Classic and simple, these 3.15-inch long connectors are the perfect restraints for your leather cuffs and other bondage gear.  

A great addition to keep your partner secure and comfortable in any set of cuffs, this connector is here to endure all your sensual feats. It's perceptively crafted in a durable nickel plating to provide robust restriction while allowing slight movement for snug restraining. 

Keep this bondage gear essential cleaned and maintained regularly to lengthen its use. A befitting essential to add to your BDSM toy box, this connector also serves as an all-purpose snap for daily use. Gear up and welcome safe and limitless bondage possibilities with these Trigger Snap Connectors perfect to couple your cuffs or hemp rope. 


  • FUNCTIONAL used to restrict your sub's movement while disciplining them 
  • DURABLY MADE with its end to end snaps for proper restriction  
  • EASY TO USE with its straightforward and secure design  

Size: 3.5" Long
Decoration: Double Ended Snap
Material: Nickel Plated
Sold Individually

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