Tiny Tugger Cock Ring Leash

Tiny Tugger Cock Ring Leash

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Small name, big results. Our BDSM Tiny Tugger is a great companion to our leather D-ring cock ring and other penis collars with attachment rings, great for playful tugging or to walk your man around... with his manhood leading the way. This cock ring and penis leash is well-crafted to a slender 0.5-inch wide and 35-inch long lead to let your slave crawl before tugging them back to place.

It also features a soft easy grip webbed handle for your hand’s comfort as you tour and tug your slave around. Simple yet perceptive, it also flaunts an embellished nickel plated trigger snap to grace your sub with considerable movement.

Make your gear last and keep your tuggers regularly cleaned. Forget conventional leisure and make your walks more enthralling with our Tiny Tugger; your lead towards the perfect bondage play.

  • FUNCTIONAL, attaches to a collar with attachment ring for playful walks and tugging
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD DESIGN with its simple webbed length and trigger snap
  • CONVENIENT LENGTH for easy movement and tug

Width: 0.5”
Length: 35”
Material: Webbing
Hardware: Nickel Plated Trigger Snap
Made in Canada

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