Standard Slave Collar - Luxurious Bliss

Standard Slave Collar

Luxurious Bliss


  • You can’t go wrong with this versatile classic black collar. Bold and diverse, this collar is great for everyday or night wear. Submit in style or pamper your pet, arousing each others sexual desires. The large no nonsense ring is great for clipping on a leash to keep your pet close. These classic black collars are 0.75” wide, in sturdy durable leather with three secure snaps for multiple adjustments, between 12.5" to 16”.
  • Width: 0.75”
    Length: 12.5" to 16”
    Decoration: Large O-Ring
    Color: Black
    Material: Leather
    Hardware: Polished Nickle Plated Snaps
    Made in Canada
  • Novelty use only. Manufacturer will assume no liability for injury occurring from use of this product. 


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