Standard Leather Cuffs

Standard Leather Cuffs

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Bind or be bound with these black leather cuffs to add a little scandal and excitement to your play! This bondage gear will ensure an authentic BDSM experience for you and your partner as it renders the daring look and perfect grip only leather restraints can provide. With its adjustable buckle system and strong welded, nickel-plated hardware, this 2-inch gear will perfectly cuff any wrist and ankle to place no matter how hard the sub squirms. Crafted in its premium grade material, this daring novelty also offers better comfort compared to its metal counterpart.  

This lustrous leather cuff, our product provides the aesthetic stimulation and ideal restraint to satisfy the BDSM imagery you and your partner have been longing to fulfill. These effective cuffs will help restrain the sub down to a full spread eagle - or any other - position, stroking the power play exchange you oh-so crave.  

While they provide a considerably firm grip, leather can be rigid with the first few uses. Leather-made kink toys are best cared for with cleaners and conditioners to help lessen the wear and tear. Feel empowered by the offering of pleasure or indulge and surrender to that tribute with our standard cuffs designed to endure even the boldest of your fantasies. 

  • COMPLETES THE DARING, BONDAGE LOOK to tease and suit your imagination
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE even with lengthy use 
  • DURABLE, designed to endure your boldest fantasies
Width: 2”
Additional Sizes: 5.5" to 8.25”, 7.5" to 10”
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Hardware: Welded Nickle Plated
Sold in a Set of Two
Made in Canada

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