Standard Choker

Standard Choker

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Simple yet fab, this classic leather-made bondage fetish gear and BDSM collar and choker is made to signify your slave's subservience and complete your roleplay collection. This master slave collar is crafted to a simple yet artistic fashion, featuring adjustable sizes of up to 16.5 inches for a snug and arousing fit. Bold and diverse, this bondage collar is also great for lengthy wear thanks to its supple material; you simply can’t go wrong with this versatile and classic black collar! 

It may be used in role playing games like slave punishment involving erotic humiliation or worn as a day collar used as a fashion statement. This sub collar is made to a simple but sophisticated 0.75-inch wide bondage choker, in sturdy durable leather with four secure snap.  

Keep your fun safe and make sure to get your collars regularly cleaned. Leather-made kink toys are best cared for with cleaners and conditioners to help lessen the wear and tear. Say yes to a memorable sensory experience with our Standard Choker; a luxury to celebrate your sub's slave status.  

  • APPEALING BDSM AESTHETICS with its leather material and straightforward look 
  • CONVENIENT to use with its smooth and slim leather band and adjustable snaps 
  • STURDY, made from quality materials to endure even the harshest play 
Width: 0.75”
Size: 12.5" to 16.5”
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Hardware: Polished Nickle Plated Snaps
Made in Canada

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