Stainless Steel Spiral Nipple Extender with Barbell

Stainless Steel Spiral Nipple Extender with Barbell

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An inspired design especially crafted for users with pierced nipples, these Stainless Steel Spiral Nipple Extender with Barbell are made for an offbeat and creative stimulation. A quality BDSM metal nipple clamp, this bondage toy boasts a 10 gauge 0.6oz metal barbell providing pleasurable tug and pull. Easily adjustable, these exquisite treats are perfect for nipple play that easily stretches your nipples as you twist the extender after wearing together with the barbell.

Also made hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, these nipple stretchers are great for a safe, secure, and satisfying nipple stretching to sate your erotic desires while parading an explicit bondage look for your partner. Innately, temperature sensitive, these clamps are perfect for hot and cold play to level up your game.

Keep your play safe and remember to keep your gears regularly cleaned and maintained. Reinvent nipple play and stretch your limits to satisfaction with these Stainless Steel Spiral Nipple Extender; the perfect treat for pierced nipples.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS, made of stainless steel for a smooth, safe, and stress-free play
  • PERCEPTIVE DESIGN, for users with nipple piercings looking for satisfying stimulation
  • HEIGHTENS SENSATIONS thanks to the arousing pressure it exerts on the nipple
  • PLAYFUL DESIGN, to rouse you and your partner's kinky side

Total Length: 2.25 inches
Total Width: 1 inch 
Material: Stainless Steel 
Weight per Clamp: 0.6oz (18g) 
Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive 
Sold in Pairs 

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