Stainless Steel Five Head Wartenberg Pinwheel

Stainless Steel Five Head Wartenberg Pinwheel

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Experience erotic pampering with this Stainless Steel Five Head Waternberg Pinwheel - an all-time bondage sensory tool favorite. With its handy 6.5-inch long medical grade stainless steel, this foreplay tool promises exquisite sensory play with its quality material you will attest to firsthand. This tool commits to deliver a curious mix of caress and sting with every touch and roll. This 100g Wartenberg Pinwheel also features a naturally non-corrosive and non-porous material, sure to endure wear and tear and time! 

While intimidating at first sight, it guarantees enhanced play and a titillating BDSM experience, especially with its 5 wheeled head, each containing 22 spikes. It also delivers an authentic appeal to satisfy medical fetish gratification; its curved handle providing you with a controlled grip and precision handling as it contours the body, effectively increasing your overall sensitivity. To ensure the best sensory play, couple this with a blindfold and warm or cool the device before use to heighten your senses and increase your sensitivity with every touch.

Luckily, this precious find is easy to use and maintain. Just clean with warm water and soap before and after use to keep your play safe and clean. No need to call in a real doctor to complete your medical sensory play; just order this Stainless Steel Five Head Waternberg Pinwheel and experience the delightful sensation you have been craving.

  • PREMIUM QUAILTY stainless steel material for a more durably, luxury toy 
  • PRICKLY SENSATION perfect for sensory and medical roleplay
  • ALLOWS TEMPERATURE PLAY thanks to its stainless steel material
  • MANAGEABLE, just roll onto your partner's skin in slow or fast motion
  • EASY GRIP, thanks to its lightweight and portable design 

• Total Length: 6.5 inches 
• Handle Length: 4.5 inches 
• Width: 1.5 inches 
• Wheel Diameter: 1.25 inches 
• Wheels: 5 Wheels 
• Spikes Per Wheel: 22 
• Spike Length: 0.2 inches (5mm) 
• Material: Stainless Steel 
• Weight: 3.5 oz (100g)

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