Kegal Stainless Steel Eggs

Kegal Stainless Steel Eggs

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Whether it's for strengthening your pelvic floors or satisfying your sensual affect, our Heavy Stainless Steel Eggs will deliver an exquisite experience. This kegel device is available in three different sizes to meet all your vaginal muscle-building needs. Designed in a bulbous or egg shape, the weighty tugging of these kegel balls promises to bring a perfect blend of vaginal wall training and offbeat pleasure.

A lustrous training and sex toy, these eggs are specially customized for more seasoned users with their considerate sizing at 25mm, 35mm, 45mm and 55mm. Its glossy and smooth finish, as well as the slightly tapered end, allows easy insertion while its metal make supports a little hot and cold play in the mix. Do not use excessively and take breaks after use as with your regular workouts, and always clean with water and mild soap or antibacterial cleaners.

Bring your kegel exercises to the next level with our Stainless Steel Eggs, the heftiest option in the market and your best bet at vaginal strength building and stimulation!

  • BODY-SAFE, made non-porous and hypoallergenic for the users' safety
  • EASY TO USE thanks to its smooth surface and tapered tip
  • RELIABLE QUALITY, made from stainless steel metal
  • SIZING VARIATIONS, to meet all your pleasure requirements
  • TEMPERATURE-SENSITIVE, supports an added hot and cold dimension to your fun

    Quantity: Sold Individually

    25mm Egg
    Height: 36mm
    Width: 25mm
    Weight: 90g

    35mm Egg
    Height: 46mm
    Width: 35mm
    Weight: 220g

    45mm Egg
    Height: 55mm
    Width: 45mm
    Weight: 445g

    55mm Egg
    Height: 65mm
    Width: 55mm
    Weight: 742g

    Packaging Type: Clamshell

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