Over the Door Restraints

Over the Door Restraints

$14.99 USD
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Have fun with our Door Jam kit made to semi suspend yourself while you enjoy some role playing. Very easy to use by placing the tubes over the door, close the door and you’re ready for some action. No screws or DIY needed!  

Made from strong nylon webbing with adjustable cuffs. Simply use the sliders to tighten to your liking.  

A perfect bedroom door handcuff restraint system for bondage beginners. This set contains everything you need for bedroom bondage games. The Door Jam kit can also be used on any available door and is great for travel.


This exciting design allows couples to restrain each other with ease, sliding the cuffs over the wrists or ankles with the adjustable straps. Explore and play around the house or on the go. These no installation cuffs ensure that your subject can be bound to any door and at your mercy in minutes.

Door Jam Instructions:
1. Hang the straps over (or under) the open door with the fabric flat against the top.
2. Close and lock the door to ensure it is secure.
3. Pull the straps tight so that the tubes are flush against the back of the door.
4. Restrain and play.
Material: Nylon webbing
Color: Black
Length: 16 inches maximum length, 3 inches at the shortest length
Width: 1 inch webbing
Kit include: 1 Door Jam set (Left and Right Door Jam) and Blindfold
Made in Canada
Sold as a Kit

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