Door Restraints

Door Restraints

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Perfect for suspension play, this fetish restraint Door Restraint Kit is an alluring means to semi-suspend you or your partner in any bondage fantasy session. Made from strong nylon webbing with 2 adjustable cuffs versatile for wrist or ankle use, this BDSM kit simply glides for easy adjustment and removal, extending from 3 to 16 inches. Simply use the sliders to tighten to your liking.  
The set also comes with 2 cuffs per set, for left and right wrists and is easily used by placing the solid tubes over the door, close the door and you're ready for some action. No screws or DIY needed! Enjoy quality suspension with its complementary satin blindfold. 
This exciting design allows couples to restrain each other with ease, sliding the cuffs over the wrists or ankles with the adjustable straps. Explore and play around the house or on the go. These no installation Over the Door Restraints ensure that your subject can be bound to any door, anywhere, and at your mercy in minutes! 


  1. Hang the straps over (or under) the open door with the fabric flat against the top.
  2. Close and lock the door to ensure it is secure.
  3. Pull the straps tight so that the tubes are flush against the back of the door.
  4. Restrain and play.
  • COMPLETE KIT, comes with a satin blindfold, 2 adjustable cuffs, and a 2 door jams tubes
  • CONVENIENT, cuffs easily slide on wrists or ankles and sets up quickly
  • DURABLE BONDAGE GEAR, fit for gentle to rough bondage play 
  • ADJUSTABLE, sized to fit most for comfortable restraining  

Material: 1" Webbing
Color: Black
Length: 16 inches maximum length, 3 inches at the shortest length
Kit includes: 1 set (Left and Right Door Jam) and Blindfold 
Made in Canada
Sold as a Kit

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