Mini Flogger - Black Suede

Mini Flogger - Black Suede

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Naughty or nice, indulge your slaves sensual discipline with our Mini Flogger in Black Suede; a spanking implement made specially to fulfill all your BDSM fantasies. This mini travel flogger and fetish massager is crafted from top-grade leather and is lauded for its 12 suede strands - at 12.5-inch long and 0.5-inch wide - that brings stinging waves of pleasure with every strike. Its handle, built to 6.25 inches long and 0.75 inches wide, provides the perfect grip and balance apt to capture momentum for every swing.

Designed with a weaved handle for a classic look, our flogger is also made from genuine leather, making it exceptionally comfortable for your hands and ideal to your slave's skin. Its angled ends provide the extra messaging sensation with every whip. Couple your spanking plays with our cuffs, collars, gags, and other BDSM wearables for an authentic bondage experience.

Keeping your naughty gears clean and well-maintained is key to extending their use. Clean them with leather cleaners and moisturizers for added longevity. You can't beat the quality of this Mini Flogger with its amazing feel and durable material; great for travel and a must-have spanking toy to complete your bondage wardrobe and fantasies!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL, made from quality suede and leather 
  • CONVENIENT TO USE with its considerate sized handle and leather strands 
  • AESTHETICALY APPEALING to rouse the master and slave's desires
  • TRAVEL SIZED fit to bring with you everywhere 

Tail Width: 0.5 inches
Tail Length: 12.5"
Tails: 12 Strands
Handle Length: 6.25"
Handle Width: 0.75"
Colour: Black
Material: Leather and Suede

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