Impound Exhibition, Male Chastity Device

Impound Exhibition, Male Chastity Device

$39.99 USD
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The chrome plated Impound Exhibition chastity cock cuff features a lightweight sleeve that strictly hugs your member. Limiting movement and sensations gives power over the males inability to complete his erection while being teased and pleased. Experiencing the tantalizing agony, yet arousing feels of staving off ecstasy.

This Male Chastity Device has a 2 inch cock ring and is 5.5 inch in length from ring to tip with a 4.75 inch circumference. A 0.25" hole is conveniently located at the end of the device for release of emissions. A lock and handy velvet pouch are included for storage or travel.

Curved for a natural fit, place the cock ring around the cock and balls then slip into the cock cage while soft. Secure the pins of the cage into the ring and lock the device into place for no escape.

By restricting erections, your male partner will be at your total control.

Cock Ring Size: 2 inches in diameter
Cage Size: 5.5 inches in length from ring to tip, 1.5 inches wide, 4.75 inch circumference 
Material: Chrome Plated
Accessories: Padlock and Velvet Travel Pouch
Usage: In the case of pain or excessive swelling, discontinue use.

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