4 Way Hog Tie Connectors

4 Way Hog Tie Connectors

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Stay connected from hand to toe with our 4 Way Hog Tie Connector made to couple with any BDSM cuff restraints to restrict and punish your naughty slave. This 8.5-inch bondage gear and hog tie connector with swivel trigger snap will clasp securely to your sub's leather cuffsbondage collar or furniture to restrict movement and encourage passionate and creative play. Available in a wide selection of seductive colors so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire! 

A great addition to keep your partner secure in any set of cuffs, this connector promises to endure your boldest sexual feats with its nickel plated swivel snaps, chain, welded ring and genuine leather material fit to connect your wrists, ankles and BDSM collars. It promises to provide considerable restriction while allowing slight maneuvering for lengthy and snug restraining. 

Make your fun last and observe proper care of your connectors. Leather-made kink toys are best maintained with cleaners and conditioners to help lessen the wear and tear. Bind or be bound with a set of our leather cuffs coupled with this heavy-duty 4 Way Hog Tie Connector and stylish, sexy collars for authentic and limitless bondage possibilities. 

  • FUNCTIONAL, perfect for restricting your slave's movements in every direction 
  • APPEALING thanks to its 4 kinky colors 
  • EASY TO USE with its secure design and swivel snap 
  • STURDY, made for proper restriction and long restraint play
Length: 8.5" from Ring to Snap
Colors: Black, Wine, Red, Black Cherry, Pink, Purple,
Material: Leather
Hardware: Nickle Plated Swivel Snaps, Chain and Welded Ring
Made in Canada

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