Fox Tail Metal Butt Plug

Fox Tail Metal Butt Plug

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Trot around in an embellished foxy outfit and stir your partner's wildest fantasies with this Fox Tail Butt Plug and anal massager. This anal plug comes in various sizes to provide the right amount of pressure and stimulation for newbies and experts alike. Its smooth surface and gleaming finish facilitate optimum visual satisfaction and physical stimulation for fulfilling roleplay and furry desires while its weighty feel promises a sensational plug and tug feel.

Aside from its size variations, body-safe feature fit even for the most delicate of users. And, for added sensation, it can be warmed up or cooled down for lustrous temperature play. Don't shy away as this pleasure find is perfect as a beginner's toy thanks to its smooth surface and tapered tip. 

This item goes well with oil, silicone, and water-based lubricants and is easily cleaned with water and mild soap or antibacterial cleaners – be sure to avoid contact with the fur tail. For the ultimate anal pleasure with the added kink, get your own Fox Tail Butt Plug and make a bedroom tale to remember.

  • SEDUCTIVE APPEAL, a perfect choice to complete your furry foxy fantasies
  • BODY-SAFE, fit for adults; guaranteed shatter and odor-free with proper care 
  • SEAMLESS PLEASURE as it provides constant pressure and stimulation 
  • COMFORTABLE USE with its smooth and secure metal surface
  • SUPPORTS TEMPERATURE PLAY thanks to its metal material

Insertable Length: 2.4 inches 
Height: 2.7 inches 
Plug Width: 1 inch 
Base Width: 1.25 inches 
Tail Length: 15 inches 
Weight: 3.3oz (94g) 

Insertable Length: 2.8 inches 
Height: 3.2 inches 
Plug Width: 1.3 inches 
Base Width: 1.3 inches 
Tail Length: 15 inches 
Weight: 4.7oz (134g) 

Insertable Length: 3.2 inches 
Height: 3.7 inches 
Plug Width: 1.6 inches 
Base Width: 1.7 inches 
Tail Length: 15 inches 
Weight: 7.3oz (206g) 

Materials: Aluminum Alloy 
Quantity: Sold Individually 
Special Features: Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive

Care: Compatible with oil, silicone or water-based lubes. Keep away from abrasive surfaces that could cause chipping or scratches. Avoid getting lubricants on the tail.

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