12 Tail Faux Fur Flogger – Pink and Black

12 Tail Faux Fur Flogger – Pink and Black

$49.99 USD
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  • Sold By: XBLISS

Perfect for light sensation play that will tickle your senses. This Faux Fur Flogger offers a whispering soft touch to tease and tantalize your senses. Crafted with 12 faux fur stands and a leather handle, this flogger has sizeable strands - 20 inches long and 1.25 inches wide - that brings a gentle touch of pleasure with every stroke. Its handle, built to 1.25 inches, provides the perfect grip for extended play. 

Designed with a weaved handle in a seductive combination of pink and black, this tickler will set your nerves on end with every wisp and stroke. Couple your restraint play with this pleasurable, yet gentle, punishing toy for exquisite sensation play.

  • TOP-GRADE MATERIAL, made from quality leather and faux fur
  • SENSATION PLAY, with a gentle touch for all experience levels
  • CONVENIENT TO USE with its sizeable handle for a comfortable grip
  • PLAYFUL COLORS to rouse users' desires
  • DURABLE, can endure impactful swings

Tail Width: 1.25" 
Tail Length: 20"
Tails: 12 Strands
Handle Length: 8.5"
Handle Width: 1.25"
Colour: Pink/Black
Weight: 294g (Approximately)

Packaging Type: Swing Tag

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