Dragon Tail Flogger - Heavy Duty - Red

Dragon Tail Flogger - Heavy Duty - Red

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Discover a blend of beauty and function with our Heavy Duty Dragon Tail Flogger, meticulously crafted for both aesthetic pleasure and exceptional performance. This unique flogger, with its sleek and stylish design, is the ultimate tool for masters and slaves seeking to enhance their fetish experiences.

Crafted from premium quality leather, the Dragon Tail Flogger features a long, sturdy, tapered tail that measures an impressive 22 inches long, ensuring a commanding reach and precise control with every swing. The distinctive flattened tip of the Dragon Tail Flogger delivers a unique combination of gentle caresses and intense stings, catering to a wide range of sensations.

Whether you crave the soft touch of leather against your skin or the sharp bite of a well-placed strike, this flogger promises to fulfill your deepest desires. To ensure the longevity of your Dragon Tail Flogger, clean it with warm leather cleaners and conditioners. Allow it to air dry in a warm location to maintain its supple texture and striking appearance. With proper care, this flogger will remain a treasured part of your BDSM toolkit for years to come.

  • QUALITY MATERIAL, made from genuine leather 
  • EASY TO USE with its sizeable handle and lengthy leather strand
  • DURABLE, made to endure forceful swings  

Tail Length: 22 inches
Tail Width: 1.75 inches (approximate)
Weight: 328g (approximately as the leather varies in weight)
Material: Leather
Colour: Red

Packaging Type: Swing Tag

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