Cat O Nine Tails, Leather Flogger – Black

Cat O Nine Tails, Leather Flogger – Black

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Made to a sleek finish, our Cat-O-Nine Tails Flogger will turn your BDSM fantasies to reality with its lengthy 22-inch, 9 strand falls. This classic bondage spanking whip is handmade from real cow leather, expertly braided, and features triangle flare tips increasing the whipping sensation with an added thud on every swing. Also built for comfort, its wooden handle is centered with a steel rod and finished with an intricately woven knob to counterbalance the weight of its 9 braided tails. This leather flogger will not disappoint; offering many years of pleasurable use.  

This ergonomic leather flogger is the perfect discipline tool for your BDSM roleplaying, lending erotic stings for the slave and gratifying whips for the master. Couple this with our leather cuffs, collars, and gags for an authentic bondage experience and assertive play.  

This Cat O Nine Tails is a great addition to your toolkit – both in style and material. Make sure it lasts to its full potential and use warm leather cleaners and conditioners when cleaning and air dry in a warm location. You simply can't beat the quality on this flogger with its amazing feel and durable material! Begin your bondage journey right with our Black Cat-O-Nine Tails Flogger. 

  • TOP-GRADE MATERIAL, made from genuine leather
  • CONVENIENT TO USE with its sizeable handle and lengthy leather strands
  • BRAIDED MATERIAL with a woven finish for aesthetics and functionality
  • STURDY, can endure impactful pleasurable swings 
Tip: Triangle Flare
Fall Width: 0.25"
Fall Length: 22"
Fall Quantity: 9 Strands
Handle Length: 8.5"
Handle Width: 1.25"
Material: Leather
Colour: Black

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