Breathable Silicon Gag

Breathable Silicon Gag

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Keep your noisy subs tongue in check for longer durations. This silicone ball gag comes with a slightly smaller ball than most, with a centre hole for easier breathability. At 1.5” diameter, it fits more comfortably in the wearers mouth so they can keep quite longer. With a flare base on the ball it helps prevent those naughty subs from spitting the gag out of their luscious mouths. The slim leather straps are designed for a comfort fit, adjustable between 17.25" to 22.25". Command your subs silence or enjoy listening to them moan with this must have ball gag.
Size: 1.5” Diameter Ball
Length: Fits 17.25" to 22.25"
Decoration: Flare Based Breathable Ball
Color: Black
Material: Silicone Ball and Leather Straps
Hardware: Nickle Plated Welded Buckle
Made in Canada

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