3 Ring Bondage Leather Slave Collar with Locking Buckles

3 Ring Bondage Leather Slave Collar with Locking Buckles

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Control and tame your slave with our marvelous 3-ring, leather-made bondage fetish gear and locking collar, ensuring your slave's complete subservience. Also called a sub collar, this deluxe master slave 3 ring collar signifies submission and slave status in a BDSM relationship or sexual play. Crafted to an elegant and functional masterpiece, this bondage collar features considerate sizes of 11.5 to 17.75-inch for a snug and arousing fit. Its leather and nickel plated rings culminate to striking workmanship made to endure trends and vigorous play.

Found in 4 daring colors of black, black cherry, pink, and purple, these collars may be used in slave punishment and role-playing involving erotic humiliation between slave and owner or worn as a day collar used as a fashion statement. Its featured nickel plated locking buckles and 3-rings provide a durable clasp to attach a lead chain or rope, perfect to tug, pull, or restrain your slave simultaneously - in three directions - for proper disciplining.

Make your fun last and gears last longer; leather-made kink toys are best cared for with cleaners and conditioners to help lessen the wear and tear. With our 3 Ring Slave Collar, your slave will obey your ever command and will keep begging for more. Just imagine your pet at your beck and call... or don't. Order today and make your fantasy come to life.

  • BONDAGE LOOK to satisfy you and your partner's BDSM fantasies
  • DURABLE, made with 3 rings and quality materials to endure your boldest sexual exploits
  • 4 SEDUCTIVE COLORS to rouse slave and master's desires
  • COMFORTABLE to use with its considerate yet snug sizing

Small: 11.5 to 14.75 Inches
Medium: 14.75 to 17.75 Inches

Width: 1.25”
Decoration: 3 Large Rings and Locking Buckle
Color: Black, Black Cherry, Pink, Purple
Material: Leather
Hardware: Welded Nickle Plated
Made in Canada

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