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Panic Snaps - Quick Release - 5/8" Round Slot
Made functional and versatile these heavy-duty bondage Panic Snap boasts a quick release function great...
$6.99 USD $9.99 USD
Stainless Steel 1 Ring Slave Collar and Cuff Restraints
Made for a sexually explicit and detail-oriented ensemble of your BDSM fantasies, this fetish...
Sold Out
Standard Leather Cuffs
Bind or be bound with these black leather cuffs to add a little scandal...
$15.99 USD
Standard Mini Cuffs
Surrender control with class using our mini leather handcuffs made to fulfill your risqué...
$15.99 USD
Standard Slave Collar - Faux Fur Lining
Redefining comfort and appeal with this marvelous leather-made bondage fetish gear and BDSM collar with faux fur...
$18.99 USD
Trigger Snap Connector
Sturdy, convenient, and incredibly functional, our double-ended bondage Trigger Snap Connectors promises to keep...
$5.99 USD