Leather Crop

Leather Crop

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Fulfill your BDSM fantasies with a swift, strong spanking session using our fetish leather spank crop. Made with a braided shaft and leather flapper, this high-quality spanking bat and whipping gear offers great percussion with every swing. With a comfortable grip handle, this leather bat is crafted to an approx. 20-inch long flexible shaft with a 1.5-inch flapper; the perfect spanking toy for aeffortless longer discipline session. 

Designed to provide a unique sensation for both partners' satisfaction, this punishment tool is one of our most popular leather bats as it delivers punishment and pleasure all in one swing. It's found in a variety of colors to complete your discipline fantasies down to the last detail. Enjoy it to the fullest and use with sensual music in the background for a rhythmic spanking play.  

Keeping your naughty novelties clean and well-maintained is key to extending their use. Care for them with leather cleaners and moisturizers for added longevity. Succumb to your fantasies and offer your dom our premium Leather Crop; a special symbol of your trust, loyalty, and total submission. 

  • POWERFUL STINGS with every swing thanks to its wide, leather flapper  
  • LIGHTWEIGHT for effortless spanking and longer play 
  • EASY HANDLING with its comfort grip handle 
  • GUARANTEED DURABLE, made to endure forceful and pleasurable spankings
Length: Appx 20" Long Shaft
Width: 1.5" Flapper
Decoration: Comfort Grip Handle Additional
Colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Red
Material: Braided Shaft and Leather Flapper
Must be at least 18 & over to purchase. All products in our selection are sold as is and any expressed or implied warranties are viewable in our policies. This product, among other selections, is an intended novelty made available with no representation guaranteeing or implying its safety and propriety. Buyers assume full responsibility for any damage, loss, misuse, or any other direct and indirect consequences from its use or mismanagement, regardless of cause upon purchase. This may include, but is not limited to, physical grievance or impairment or product damage resulting from the use or misuse of the item.

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