Bed Restraints

Bed Restraints

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Turn your bedroom into a seductive fetish utopia with our premium quality Bed Restraints. This bondage gear system promises to keep you and your partner captivated and exploring for new possibilities with its complete kit, featuring a 1-inch webbing bed restraint system, a satin blindfold, 2 wrist and ankle cuffs with 5 adjustable tethers 

The 5 adjustable straps allow you to fit the restraints on any size bed or pillow top thickness; be it under a single, double, queen, or king size bed. Its deluxe heavy duty welded hardware cannot be pulled apart no matter how hard your captive tugs, pulls, and squirms - the perfect helping hand to keep your partner in place while you do as you please. Make your fantasies a reality and couple this kit with a ball gag or upgrade to our luxurious leather cuffs! 

To add more spice to your play, use this kit's satin blindfold and deprive sight to your captive for the ultimate sensory play! Teased or be teased into a wild frenzy and surrender total control to your partner with our Premium Bed Restraints; a BDSM luxury for your comfortable discomfort.  

  • DURABLE BONDAGE GEAR, fit for gentle to rough bedroom play  
  • ADJUSTABLE, for comfortable restraining to fit any bed 
  • COMPLETE KIT, comes with a blindfold, 2 wrist and 2 ankle cuffs, with 5-adjustable tethers

Bed Assembly Instructions:
Slide the tether under the mattress or bed frame with the rings centered under the bed, one at the head and one at the foot of the bed, the straps can be positioned on either the sides of the bed or around the head and foot of bed. Size: The five adjustable straps allow you to fit the restraints on any size bed or pillow top thickness; be it under a single, double, queen or king size bed.

Width: 1" Webbing 
Colors: Black
Material: Webbing
Hardware: Welded Nickel Plated Rings and Snaps plus Molded Plastic Adjusting Ladders
Kit Includes: Satin Blindfold, 2 Wrist Cuffs, 2 Ankle Cuffs, Tether with 5 Adjustments, 
Made in Canada
Sold as a Kit
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