Panic Snaps - Quick Release - 1" Rectangle Slot-Use with Rope for BDSM - Luxurious Bliss

Panic Snaps - Quick Release - 1" Rectangle Slot

Luxurious Bliss


  • This heavy duty panic snap is a quick release snap that works great for suspending or connecting your partner to a fixed object. Works great with nylon, cotton, jute or hemp rope, these round eye snaps can be easily opened even when under tension.

    The spring loaded snap is used to quickly release if needed or in case of emergency. Panic snaps are also used on certain types of BDSM leather suspension gear for the same reasons as their use with rope. They are sometimes called quick release cuffs.

    Important: If releasing a person in a suspension situation using panic snaps, the top and/or spotters should be fully supporting the weight of the bottom prior to release. One hand/arm can be used to hold the bottom, while the second hand releases the snap.

  • Size: 3.25” Long
    Slot Size:  1" Wide
    Decoration: Round Eye
    Material: Nickel Plated
    Sold Individual
  • Novelty use only. Manufacturer will assume no liability for injury occurring from use of this product.


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