Hemp Rope

Hemp Rope

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A popular restraint choice for BDSM enthusiasts, our natural hemp rope promises quality restraining perfect for Shibari or Kinbaku bondage. Available in 15, 25, and 50 feet long and 6mm wide variants, this natural hemp provides significant grip and easy tying. Also a durable and environment-friendly option, this item will render your sub safe and steady in place while offering the rustic look of traditional rope to your master slave fantasy. 

Perfect for basic wrist and ankle restraining and suspension rigging, hemp is easily one of the best choices for your bondage fantasies especially made to play hard. Use this together with a blindfold and a leather crop for a complete sensory experience in a discipline roleplay fantasy. Exceedingly sturdy, exceptionally secure, extremely bold, our hemp rope will not stretch and holds knots ensuring there is no escape! 

Not to worry after play, this natural rope is safe to wash and will not break down in hot water. Make the body a work of art and create complex and elegant patterns with our natural hemp rope; a must-have for every rope kit. 

  • PERFECT FOR KINABKU AND SHIBARI, to accommodate intricate and artistic rope bondage 
  • DURABLE, designed to endure your bold fantasies in ground or suspension play 
  • BONDAGE BASIC, to prevent movement during restraint play 
  • GENEROUS SIZING, available in 15, 25, and 50 feet variants 

Disclaimer: The rope is not treated and is in its full natural state.

Width: 6mm diameter
Length: 15 Feet
Additional Sizes: 25 and 50 Foot Lengths
Color: Natural
Material: Hemp
Sold Individually

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