Heavy Duty Suspension Cuffs with Faux Fur

Heavy Duty Suspension Cuffs with Faux Fur

$69.99 USD
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Suspend your partner to do with as you please. Tease and tantalize while they hang around helplessly wanting more. These leather heavy duty suspension cuffs have faux fur liner for more comfortable suspension. They slide around any wrist with an adjustable buckle for a secure hold.

For additional strength, they are equipped with strong welded hardware. Secure these cuff to a large bolt or hook properly mounted to a ceiling beam. Beautiful feel and look with perfectly stitched leather.
Quantity: Sold in Pairs
Size: Adjustable, 5" to 10" Inches
Leather: 8/9 oz thick, Buffalo Leather
Colors: Black
Hardware: Welded nickel plated hardware
Made in Canada

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