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Flavored Passion Fruit Lubricant



  • A mouthwatering, slippery-slick treat that satisfies your sweet tooth as you satisfy your lover, O'My's fantastic flavored lubricants truly stand out from the rest. Thanks to the fact that the flavorings used to make this finger-licking-good lube so delicious and after-taste free are completely natural, you can feel extra good about adding some Passion Fruit to playtime.

    The ultra smooth, delightfully lifelike formula is water based and water soluble, absorbing naturally into the skin, and wiping off easily with plain water; it's also crystal clear, eliminating the risk of staining sheets and clothing.

    Just like O'My's renown Natural formula, there are no potentially harmful parabens, sugar or weird chemical additives which can irritate sensitive skin, just safe, slick ingredients that enhance your pleasure. Ideal for both oral sex and penetration, this lube can also be used safely with toys, it's compatible with all materials including silicone and latex. The stylish pump bottle dispenses just the right amount neatly and locks with just a twist of the cap. The bottle contains 4 fl. oz (120ml). Condom safe


  • Size: 4 fl oz (120ml)
    Base: Water Based
    Special Features: Paraben Free, Sugar Free, Non-staining


  • Seller will assume no liability for injury occurring from use of this product.


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