Leather Ego Collar with Gems - Black

Leather Ego Collar with Gems - Black

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Indulge your alter ego with these fashionable and unique collars. Submit in style or pamper your pet, arousing each others sexual desires. Suede lined for a softer more comfortable fit. The centre ring is great for clipping on a leash or adding bells and charms, to keep your pet close. These leather collars are 0.75” wide and are available in a wide range of colors and gems. Offered in a variety of sizes, these collars have three secure snaps for multiple adjustments.
Width: 0.75”
Additional Sizes: 11.25" to 13.5" or 13.5" to 15.5”
Decoration: Suede Lining, Centre Ring and Gems
Material: Leather
Hardware: Welded Nickel Plated and Polished Metal
Made in Canada

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