1 Ring Bondage Leather Slave Collar | Slave Punishment | PINK

1 Ring Bondage Leather Slave Collar | Slave Punishment | PINK

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Control and tame your slave with this marvelous locking collar, ensuring your playmate's subservience. Also called a sub collar, it's worn around the neck to indicate submissiveness or slave status in a BDSM relationship or sexual scenario. Collars may be used in role playing games such as slave punishment involving erotic humiliation between slave and owner or worn as a day collar used as a fashion statement.

This bondage choker has a heavy-duty O-ring added to allow an attachment of a leash, rope or other restraints to secure or escort your slave anywhere your heart desires.

These leather collars for people come in a variety of sizes and colors to match each players taste. At 1.25” wide they are equipped with strong welded nickel-plated hardware and made from premium quality leather for longer durability. Treat your pet with this affordable slave collar that will have them at your beck and call.
Additional Sizes
Small: 11.5 to 14.5 Inches
Medium: 14.5 to 17.5 Inches

Width: 1.25”
Decoration: Large O-Ring and Locking Buckle
Color: Pink
Material: 5/6 oz Leather
Hardware: Welded Nickle Plated
Made in: Canada

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