Panic Snaps - Quick Release - 5/8" Round Slot

Panic Snaps - Quick Release - 5/8" Round Slot

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Made functional and versatile these heavy-duty bondage Panic Snap boasts a quick release function great for suspending or connecting your slave during BDSM play. Crafted to 3.25-inch long, this quick release snap features a 5/8 inch round eye that works great with nylon, cotton, and jute or hemp rope that is easy to release under tension; perfect to limit movement and stir your discipline fantasies! 

A great addition to keep your sub secure in any set of cuffs, this snap promises to endure the most daring of your sexual feats with its nickel plated, durable mold fit to connect your suspension cuffs to your bondage equipment. It promises to provide robust restriction while allowing slight maneuvering for lengthy and snug restraining or suspension. 

Keep this bondage gear essential cleaned and maintained regularly to lengthen its use. A befitting essential to add to your BDSM treasure chest, this connector also serves as an all-purpose snap for everyday use. Gear up and bind or be bound properly with these Panic Snaps coupled with our Suspension Cuffs or Hemp Rope for a safe and limitless bondage play. 

  • FUNCTIONAL used to restrict your slave's movement while in play 
  • EASY TO USE with its straightforward and secure design  
  • QUICK RELEASE option for easy disconnecting  
  • DURABLY MADE for proper restriction with light or rough play

Important: If releasing a person in a suspension situation using panic snaps, the top and/or spotters should be fully supporting the weight of the bottom prior to release. One hand/arm can be used to hold the bottom, while the second hand releases the snap.

Size: 3.25” Long
Slot Size: 5/8" Round 
Decoration: Round Eye 
Material: Nickel Plated
Sold Individual

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